What to pack on a Cruise

The following checklist includes cruise essentials which may come in handy on your next cruise vacation. 

General Items:

  • sunglasses
  • sun screen/sun block
  • mini hand sanitizers
  • essential toiletries including razors
  • electronic/ reading material
  • electronic device chargers
  • disposable underwater camera
  • digital camera/ extra memory cards
  • batteries/battery charger
  • small umbrella
  • small first aid kit
  • small back pack for items/ electronics

General Women Essentials:

  • night gown/pajamas/robe
  • purses (day and evening)
  • dress scarves
  • walking shoes/sandals
  • beach footwear
  • evening formal attire
  • swim suit
  • sundress
  • shorts
  • swim suit cover-up
  • casual outfits
  • sweater/ jacket

Don’t Leave Home without US:

  • all required cruise/travel documents
  • passports and visas/ proof of citizenship along with photo ID
  • medical insurance cards
  • credit cards / cash(singles)/ travelers checks
  • emergency numbers
  • prescription/other essential medications

General Men Essentials:

  • pajamas/ robe
  • dress socks
  • walking shoes/sandals/sneakers
  • beach footwear
  • evening formal attire
  • casual shoes
  • sweater/ jacket
  • T-shirt/ dress shirts
  • swim suit
  • shorts
  • casual outfits

Top 10 reasons to purchase travel insurance

  1. You have to cancel your trip due to an unexpected event such as inclement weather, an illness in the family or the financial default of your airline, cruise line or tour operator.
  2. You have to return home early due to an unexpected emergency such as an illness or death in the family.
  3. Your luggage is lost or delayed, forcing you to purchase necessary essentials, or prescription medications.
  4. Your luggage or personal effects are damaged or stolen.
  5. You become ill or injured and learn that your health care plan doesn’t cover you outside the U.S.
  6. You need an emergency medical evacuation due to an accident or sudden illness.
  7. You run into flight delays and miss a portion of your trip or cruise.
  8. Your trip is interrupted due to an unexpected hurricane or storm.
  9. You lose your passport, leaving you stranded abroad.
  10. You need assistance with replacing a prescription or an emergency cash transfer.

Cruise Line Infant sailing Policies

Cruise Line Infant sailing Policies


Infants must be at least 6 months of age at the time of embarkation in order to sail. Children must be at least 12 months of age at the time of embarkation to sail on trans-ocean crossings and remote itineraries, where there are more than 2 consecutive sea days.


Minimum Ages for TravelPlease note: The minimum age to sail aboard a Disney Cruise Line ship is 6 months of age on the day of sailing; however, the minimum age for Transatlantic and Panama Canal itineraries is 1 year of age on the day of sailing.


At least six (6) months of age on the day of boarding

At least twelve (12) months of age on the day of boarding if your cruise has 3 or more consecutive days at sea.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Infants sailing on a cruise must be at least 6 months old as of the first day of the cruise and/or CruiseTour. HOWEVER: For transatlantic, transpacific, Hawaii, select South American and other selected cruises and/or CruiseTours, the infant must be at least 12 months old as of the first day of the cruise/CruiseTour. For the purposes of this policy, any cruise that has 3 or more days consecutive at sea will require infants to be 12 months old on the first day of the cruise/CruiseTour.

Please be aware that guests travelling with a young infant that does not meet the infant policy will be denied boarding. No refunds or other compensation shall be due from the cruise line to anyone as a result of the denial of boarding to an underage infant or other accompanying guests.